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PG Theme

To instal just unpack the zip file into your "gallery2" folder, all files will be unziped to the correct places.

The Modules included (Slideshow, ColorPacks, Frames) aren't needed by the PGTheme, but will customise and add other possibilities to the theme (will not intervene with other themes).


new X_treme theme PGtheme based for Gallery 2.2 here

Full "PGTheme Version 1.1.0" with PGcolorpacks, PGframes, and Slideshow Module modification (Gallery2.1): (Version: '1.1.0.RC1')

"PGTheme Version 1.1.0" (Gallery2.1): (Version: '1.1.0.RC1')




"PGTheme Version 1.1.0" (Gallery2.0): (Version: '1.1.0.RC1')

Old "PGTheme Version 1.0" release candidate for Galery 2.0: '1.0.RC7')

After this procedures go to "Site Admin...Themes...All Themes" install and activate "PGtheme" Theme.
Then enter on PGtheme Theme and Save (changing or not the standard configuration).

* To use PGcolorpacks you must install and activate "colorpack" module. (download: Zip (30KB) Tar.gz (10KB))

* This theme do not display correctly with non PG colorpacks, since they havenīt the folder "images" with the pics.

* To change the top Logo, or any navigation pic, create your one image name it "logo.gif", and "logoon.gif" to use on mouse over.
   - If you aren't using a PGcolorpack, the images should be located under: "... / themes / PGtheme / images"
   - If you ARE USING a PGcolorpack, the images should be located under: "... / modules / colorpack / packs / PG... / images"

Go to PG Theme - Gallery Forum

Here it is the theme that I'm working on to use as a base for showing my photos on my website.

This is my actual website:
This is the future website, for now only on tests :

It's based on the Matrix Layout/Theme, costumized by myself to have a clean and lighter neutral look as background to frame and expose my photos.

Feel free to use it and costumize as you like, just leave a reference to my site. Thank's.

Here you can see some screenshot showing how Gallery2 will look like using this PG Theme.


Using "PGBlue" colorpack


Using "PGBrown" colorpack


Using "PGCharcoal" colorpack


Using "PGSnow" colorpack


It's not the final version, I'm still working on it, so it might have some bugs, if so tell me please.