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* Gallery 2.2 X_treme Theme (change log);
* X_colorpacks, X_frames, X_icons;
* Slideshow Module modification;
* Comment and Rating Modules modifications (in order to fix xhtml when displaying it for childs on album view).

x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.6.zip - x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.6.tar.gz   (Upgrade from X_treme_1.0.5 - Version: '1.0.6')

x_treme_pack_full_1.0.6.zip - x_treme_pack_full_1.0.6.tar.gz   (Full Pack - Version: '1.0.6')

x_treme_1.0.6.zip - x_treme_1.0.6.tar.gz   (Only theme - Version: '1.0.6')

x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.5.zip - x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.5.tar.gz   (Upgrade from X_treme_1.0.4 - Version: '1.0.5')

x_treme_pack_full_1.0.5.zip - x_treme_pack_full_1.0.5.tar.gz   (Full Pack - Version: '1.0.5')

x_treme_1.0.5.zip - x_treme_1.0.5.tar.gz   (Only theme - Version: '1.0.5')

x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.4.zip - x_treme_pack_upgrade_1.0.4.tar.gz   (Upgrade from X_treme_1.0.3 - Version: '1.0.4')

x_treme_pack_full_1.0.4.zip - x_treme_pack_full_1.0.4.tar.gz   (Full Pack - Version: '1.0.4')

x_treme_1.0.4.zip - x_treme_1.0.4.tar.gz   (Only theme - Version: '1.0.4')

x_treme_pack_full_1.0.3.zip - x_treme_pack_full_1.0.3.tar.gz   (Full Pack - Version: '1.0.3')

x_treme_1.0.3.zip - x_treme_1.0.3.tar.gz   (Only theme - Version: '1.0.3')

Full "X_treme pack Version 1.0.2" include:

x_treme_pack_full.zip - x_treme_pack_full.tar.gz   (Full Pack - Version: '1.0.2')

x_treme.zip - x_treme.tar.gz   (Only theme - Version: '1.0.2')

To instal just unpack the "x_treme_pack_full" zip file into your "gallery2" folder,
or unpack the "x_treme" zip file into "themes" folder,
all files will be unziped into the correct places.

The included files for Comments (comment) and Rating Modules will be added at local folders in order to not duplicate Id's when displaying addcomments and ratings for childs at album view (will not intervene with other themes).

The Modules Slideshow, ColorPacks (colorpack), ImageFrame and Icons aren't needed by the X_treme, but will customise and add other possibilities to the theme (will not intervene with other themes).

* To use X_colorpacks you must install and activate "colorpack" module.
* To use X_frames you must install and activate "imageframe" module.
* To use X_icons you must install and activate "icons" module.