X_treme - Change log

Author: Pedro Gilberto
Date: 13/08/2008
Version: 1.0.6
Web site: http://www.pedrogilberto.net/g2

X_treme version 1.0.6
* Date 13/08/2008
* From version 1.0.5
* fix at 1st page if not selected InfoMsgLink1 ou Link2 do not show this div
* add navigator album nowrap
* center rating interface
* fix panorama items disply
* fix audio items display
* fix dynamic albums display
* fix tags display
* add option to select png support for old browsers
* add new microthumbs page navigation

X_treme version 1.0.5
* Date 22/10/2007
* From version 1.0.4
* x_black default icons added
* png/ie fix removed
* fix bar on top of thumbnails at album pages
* fix "How to" link at theme admin page
* fix page number navigation link for dinamic albums

X_treme version 1.0.4
* Date 28/09/2007
* From version 1.0.3
* fixed the bug reported as well as the ie error when not showing sidebar
* some changes in order to clean localization on theme.inc
* added an option to show or not the email link on footer copyright message
* changed module.tpl, now it shows the image block only for comments
* added class "xtremeFrameLink" to links at xtreme frame
Thanks to Revuar
* add l10Domain="modules_rating" on all direct includes of RatingInterface.tpl
Thanks to Dominik Kaeser
Added fix (full size image popup didn't display correctly after applying rotations or translations,space betwen separator and link on top menu)

X_treme version 1.0.3
* Date 01/07/2007
* From version 1.0.2
* Fixed photo hover navigation and small changes on it's behaviour and at administration panel options
* Move style for photo hover thumbnails from "photoNavOver.tpl" into "theme.tpl" to xhtml validation
* Fixed mouse right click behaviour and small chages ant administration panel options
* "module.tpl" changed in order to to display image block on the left only for comments
* Fixed some incorrect text
Thanks to danielmuller
* Added image.height value to popup full size image
* Added to all mathematical actions an number format at "photo.tpl"
Thanks to Valiant (andy_st)
* Fixed some undefined index / typos issues (no PHP notices on theme installation anymore)
Thanks to bharat, mindless, Valiant (andy_st), jozefs
* Minor fixes and some code cleanup

version 1.0.2
* Date 31/05/2007
* From version 1.0.1
* Added option "STYLES :: Top Navigation BreadCrumb font size"
* Added option "STYLES :: Top Navigation SystemLinks font size"
* Fixed "PHOTO :: Show Ratings (select position)" bug
* Fixed mouse right click behavior
* Fixed photo hover navigation without next and prev thumbs
* Fixed "add_comments" button when static comments are displayed
* Fixed video rendering, and position at page,
* Added local files to comment and rating modules in order to not duplicate Id's when displaying addcomments and ratings for childs at album view (for xhtml compatibility)
* Fixed many PHP notice level errors
* Add missing 'type' keys and set 'value' to an empty string for all theme settings that are actually just used as section titles for the theme settings page
* Fixed a bug displaying <style type="text/css"> at theme.tpl and styles.tpl
* Fixed upgrading bugs
* Fixed some IE bugs
* Fixed minor bugs displaying sidebar

version 1.0.1
* Date 24/04/2007
* From version 1.0.0
* Fixed some xhtml compatibility
* Fixed some css
* Fixed embeded issues
* Fixed video rendering (hover navigations will not work)
* Added setting to control breadcrumb and sistemlinks font size
* Fixed thumbnails existence for photo hover navigation
* Show core.items.links for admin or item owners
* Fixed copyright note at Xtreme Frame
* Changed slideshowPG.tpl to x_slideshow.tpl
* Fixed bug on Xtreme frame in order to allow override options from admin page
* Changes on Xtreme frame copyright - display actual date and item date if different
* Added options to set horizontal and vertical distance between thumbnails at album page
* Fixed the way some icons are showing
* Fixed pading for thumbnails at album page
* Added option to show title and description in or out floating info thumb boxes at Album view